The city of short distances

Kassel is the biggest city in North Hessen with 200,000 inhabitants, offering a pleasant atmosphere for work and life. The “City of Art” is appreciated not only by the locals, but also by visitors from around the world.

Every five years, Kassel hosts the documenta, an international exhibition of contemporary art that attracts artists, collectors and even film stars from around the world. It’s also worth visiting the Wilhelmshöhe Palace in the west of the city, where the State Art Collections are housed. You can also find the famous waterfalls of the Hercules monument nearby; this has symbolised the city for over 250 years.

Kassel is a city of short distances. Its modern train station has hourly intercity express (ICE) trains, which means you can quickly and easily travel to Frankfurt and the major towns and cities in the Ruhr area.