How to make sure your application arrives

There are three ways of submitting your application documents to German companies: via post in an application portfolio; via email; or via a user account on the company’s homepage.
You should be aware of the following:

Via post in an application portfolio

If you’d like to send your documents in the post – or if the job posting explicitly instructs you to do so – you should submit your documents in a DIN A4 envelope (available at post offices, stationery shops and supermarkets). The format should match your application portfolio. Make sure you pay the correct postage for your envelope.

Via email

Companies often ask for applications to be submitted via email. In such cases, you should note the following: It’s important that the subject line is formulated correctly in your email. Job postings usually include an applicant number that you can include there. You should also put the position and/or department you’re applying for. You can’t leave the message box empty either; you should paste your cover letter text here and then upload the same as an attachment. This should be attached as a PDF file. You should avoid using other formats as much as possible. You should also include your cover letter, CV and references in one document; don’t send three separate PDF files. You can scan your signature and paste it into your CV and cover letter.

Via a user account on the company’s homepage

Before submitting your application via post or email, it’s worth having a look at the company’s website. After all, it’s often possible to create an account and upload your application documents in the “Jobs and Careers” section. The same formalities apply here as for email submissions. Make sure you upload PDF documents and check the accuracy of your information.