Good prospects in aerospace and vehicle construction

Hessen is the home of pioneering achievements in German aerospace. The satellite monitoring centre of the European Space Agency (ESA), the meteorological satellite operator EUMETSAT and the German Air Traffic Control (“Deutsche Flugsicherung") are all located in Hessen. Hessen Aviation is increasing the visibility of the region on the national and international stage. Over 200 companies focus on aeronautical construction or supply the industry. Hessen offers good prospects in an interesting sector with an amazing outlook for the future.

The people and companies of Hessen have stood out for their pioneering achievements ever since the emergence of the German aerospace industry. Hessen now has over 200 companies that work in the aerospace industry or supply the sector with products and services.

International recognition of Hessen’s expertise

Darmstadt is one particular centre of excellence. Numerous renowned research institutes and companies are based there. Strengthened by international organisations like the European Space Operations Centre and the weather satellite operator EUMETSAT, Hessen’s aerospace industry has amazing future prospects.

Renowned giants like Rolls-Royce and Diehl Aerospace produce their engines and control technology here, while service providers like EDAG and VEGA develop and construct their components.

Hessen Aviation was created in 2013 as a platform to concentrate the activities of the region’s aviation and aerospace industries. This co-operative project is based at the House of Logistics & Mobility in Frankfurt am Main. Hessen Aviation is consolidating the visibility of the region’s expertise on the national and international stage.

Vehicle construction with a rich heritage

Traditional vehicle construction also has a rich heritage in Hessen: Locomotives were already being constructed in Kassel over 100 years ago. The Canadian company Bombardier Transportation now manufactures its rail vehicles there. Companies like SMA Railway Technology and ThyssenKrupp also develop railway technology in Kassel. A total of around 90 Hessian companies are vehicle manufacturers. The rail sector is complemented by the production of ships, boats, bicycles and motorcycles.

Major aerospace companies and vehicle manufacturers:

  • Rolls-Royce
  • Sell
  • EDAG
  • Harmonic Drive
  • Jeppesen
  • Röder Präzision
  • Smiths Heimann
  • Nord-Micro
  • Parker Hanifin
  • VEGA
  • Diehl Aerospace
  • Bombardier
  • ThyssenKrupp
  • Honeywell
  • SMA