World leader in information technology

Hessen’s technology sector holds a leading position in Germany and Europe. Hessen has around 10,000 companies in this sector with 122,000 employees and a total revenue of around 40 billion euros. It boasts the largest Internet exchange point in the world (DE-CIX) and the most important software location in Germany in Frankfurt Rhine-Main. It’s an interesting sector with amazing job prospects.

At peak times, over 1.7 terabytes of electronic data pass through the DE-CIX Internet exchange point in Frankfurt every second. The biggest data exchange point in the world transmits around 90% of the data exchanged in Germany and over a third of the data shared throughout Europe. The entire Rhine-Main region has a world-class electronic infrastructure with the DE-CIX, an incredibly extensive fibre optic network and the rapidly-developing, high-quality LTE wireless network.

High standards in technology and education

Hessen is an active member of the information and communication technology (ICT) sector with 10,000 companies, 122,000 employees and a total revenue of around 40 billion euros. More than half of all Hessen’s universities offer degrees in the field of information and communication technology.

These high standards in technology and education are not only appreciated by leading stakeholders in the software sector like Software AG in Darmstadt and CSC in Wiesbaden, but also telecommunications providers like T-Systems and Colt in Frankfurt and other foreign investors in the IT industry like Accenture in Kronberg and Ernst & Young in Eschborn.

Outstanding position driven by the regional government

Hessen’s position as an outstanding location for ICT and broadband has been driven by the regional government for several years through its very own “Hessen-IT” scheme. The “House of IT” was founded in Darmstadt in 2011 as a unique public-private partnership to drive the development of innovative ICT solutions in Europe.

Examples of foreign ICT investors in Hessen:

  • USA: Amazon, Cisco Systems, Computer Associates, Dell, IBM, Intel, Motorola, Oracle, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Equinix and Epicor Software
  • India: Cognizant Technology, Infosys Technologies, Wipro Technologies, Sonata Software, Patni Computer Systems and Tata Consultancy Services
  • Japan: Atari, Fujitsu, Honda Research Institute, Nintendo, Sony, Kyocera, Panasonic and Brother
  • Korea: Daewoo Electronics Europe, Humax Digital, Hyundai IT Europe, INUS Technology, Samsung, LG and SK Networks
  • China: Atop, Huawei Technologies, Inteco, China Telecom and ZTE
  • France: Atos Worldline, Devoteam Group and Systar
  • Great Britain: Colt, Logica and Telehousecx