Good prospects in Hessen: in-demand professions

Skilled professionals in Hessen have particularly high chances in certain sectors.

According to the forecaster “regio pro”, Hessen’s economy will have a shortage of around 134,000 skilled professionals by 2020: 90,000 skilled professionals with vocational qualifications and 44,000 university graduates. Some sectors, professions and regions are already suffering from a lack of skilled professionals. This shortage is mainly affecting the nursing and healthcare sector, and there is also a lack of IT professionals, scientists and trained manufacturers. Teachers also have good job prospects.

Hessen has traditionally had a strong industrial and service sector. The engineering sector is one of the biggest employers in Hessen’s industry. This sector is not only successful because of its high-quality infrastructure, but also its high amount of well-trained professionals. Skilled professionals are essential for the competitiveness of Hessen’s engineering. Many companies look for experts from the mechanical and industrial engineering sector. Mechanical engineers are particularly sought after in Hessen.