Recognition of qualifications

 Worker cutting pipe with angel grinder © Otmar Winterleitner | Dreamstime.com

Some professions are regulated in Germany, including those of doctor, care worker, engineer or master craftsman. Working in these capacities in Germany is only permitted to holders of specific qualifications. If you wish to work in one of these professions, you will need to have your professional qualification recognised in Germany.

You can have the equivalence of your qualification to the German one assessed. This is the responsibility of the relevant chambers of industry, commerce, profession or craft.

A fee will be charged to have your qualifications recognised in Germany. The responsible body will provide details of the exact cost. The following documents are required for recognition:

  • A tabular summary in German of educational and, where appropriate, professional experience
  • Proof of identity (personal ID card or passport)
  • Proof of highest educational qualification
  • Proof of professional experience
  • Proof of other qualifications (e.g. advanced professional training)
  • A statement that no previous application for recognition of equivalence has been made
  • Evidence of applicant’s intention to work in Germany (not required for EU/EEA/Swiss citizens and persons resident in the EU/EEA/Switzerland)

The process usually takes three months.

Should your qualification not be recognised in Germany, it is possible to undertake training and conversion courses in order to achieve equivalence. For further information please visit www.anerkennung-in-deutschland.de