Business man looking for job © Robert Kneschke | Dreamstime.com
There are three ways of sending your application documents to a business in Germany. When doing so, you should keep the following points in mind.

By post with an application folder

If you wish to send your documents by post or have specifically been asked to do so in the job advertisement, use an A4 envelope. These can be purchased in post offices, stationery shops or supermarkets. This format matches that of the application folder (Link zu Datei 2_3_Bewerbungsunterlagen). Make sure you pay sufficient postage for the envelope (€1.45).

By e-mail

Companies will often ask for applications to be submitted by e-mail. In such cases, the following guidelines should be observed: It is very important to write the e-mail’s subject line correctly. Most job advertisements contain an application number which can be quoted here. Also make clear for which position or to which department you are applying.

The body of the e-mail should not be left blank either. The text of your cover letter should be copied into it, the cover letter also being attached separately.

The attached file should be in a PDF format. Other formats should usually be avoided. Care should also be taken to ensure that the cover letter, CV and references are attached as a single PDF document, rather than separately.

Your signature for the CV and cover letter can be scanned and inserted into the document.


Through a user account on the company website

Before applying by post or e-mail, it can be useful to have a look at the company’s website. You may often find the option to set up an account and upload your application documents directly under the ‘Job und Karriere’ heading.

In matters of form, the same conventions should be observed as for e-mail applications. Use PDF format and ensure the accuracy of the information submitted.