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Giessen is a youthful and international town with inhabitants of 140 different nationalities. It is growing constantly and is now home to 76,000 people. Private and public services are important for Giessen as an economic location.  Life in the town is also shaped by more than 32,000 students attending two universities – making Giessen Germany’s number one student town. With the universities, 32 schools and technical colleges, and two administrative colleges, the town is the region’s educational centre.

Sporting and cultural activities are comprehensive. Giessen’s location on the River Lahn lends itself to boating and cycling trips. Cultural life is very varied. There is a three-section theatre, a concert hall, an art hall, five museums (including the Mathematikum and the Liebig Museum), various event venues and a free cultural scene with music, art and theatre. Germany’s oldest botanical garden is located in the heart of the town, serving as a recreational space and cultural venue.