Medical Technology

Fotograf: Roger Richter, Wiesbaden

Hessen plays a significant role in the world market for medical products: Roughly 20,000 people are employed by more than 700 companies including global players such as B. Braun, Fresenius, Biotest, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics and Almo-Erzeugnisse Erwin Busch. A large number of medium-sized businesses also contribute to the sector’s success. The vast majority – over 80% – of Hessen’s medical technology companies also export their products abroad.

A diverse range of businesses have settled in Hessen, encompassing all fields of medical technology. The sector achieves more than half its turnover with products introduced within the last two years. This shows the value which is placed on research. The medical technology sector invests twice as much as other industries. Every second company has its own research department. In addition, Hessian medical technology companies maintain important connections with higher education institutions such as Frankfurt’s Goethe University, the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies and the educational services provider Provadis.


“Sirona is the global market leader in the dental industry. Our products and systems are used in dental practices and laboratories in 135 countries around the world. Most of them are conceived, developed, produced and tested at our site in Bensheim in southern Hessen, next to the Bergstrasse. This is the heart of Sirona. Groundbreaking dental innovations have been developed here for 50 years. The construction of the new Sirona Innovation Centre, opened last year, has provided a new impulse for the sector and the region.”
Michael Geil, Managing Director, Sirona Dental Systems in Bensheim


  • B. Braun
  • Fresenius
  • Heraeus
  • Sirona
  • Siemens
  • Biotest
  • Almo Erzeugnisse
  • BIT Instruments