Aerospace Technology, Vehicle Manufacturing

Fraport AG

People and companies from Hessen have been making pioneering advances since German air travel began. Today, around 200 firms in Hessen are involved in the aerospace industries or supply them with products and services. Darmstadt in particular is considered a centre of expertise. Many prestigious companies and research institutes are gathered here.

Spurred on by international organisations like the ESOC control centre and weather satellite operator EUMETSAT, the aerospace sector has splendid prospects for the future. Well-known players such as Rolls-Royce and Diehl Aerospace produce engines and steering technology, while service companies like EDAG and VEGA are engaged in the development and construction of components.

But Hessen has a long history of traditional vehicle manufacturing too. For instance, locomotives were first built in Kassel more than a century ago. Today, the Canadian company Bombardier Transportation builds rolling stock here. Firms like SMA Railway Technology and ThyssenKrupp too, are involved in the rail industry in Kassel. More than 90 Hessian companies in total are engaged in vehicle manufacturing. Apart from work for the rail industry, the production of ships, boats, bicycles and motorcycles also plays a part.

“As a successful aerospace company, VEGA Deutschland has been firmly based in Darmstadt for 30 years. We must be innovative to remain successful. Our location supports our ambitions in every respect.”

John Lewis,  Managing Director, VEGA Space GmbH


  • Rolls-Royce
  • Sell
  • EDAG
  • Harmonic Drive
  • Nord-Micro
  • Parker Hanifin
  • VEGA
  • Diehl Aerospace
  • Bombardier
  • ThyssenKrupp
  • Honeywell
  • SMA