Wo kann ich Jobs finden?

Federal Employment Agency

The best-known official gateway for job searches in Germany is provided by the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit), a government agency whose task it is to assist citizens at home and abroad in looking for work. You can search for suitable employment on its website in the ‘Jobbörse’ section. The search tool is available in German, English and French. The job advertisements themselves are usually available only in German.

International Placement Services

What if you do not yet live in Germany but are looking for a job there? Job-seekers not yet resident in Germany but interested in finding employment in the country can turn to the International Placement Services (ZAV) for help. The ZAV is part of the Federal Employment Agency. One of its main tasks is to advise and find work for specific professions at international level and help you integrate into the German job market.


EURES, the network of European public employment services, is a Europe-wide network which aids your international mobility in the job market. The network offers interesting job opportunities as well as development programmes. You can find information on EURES advisers for the relevant countries at the gateway. The EURES Internet gateway also holds job advertisements from 31 European countries, information on living and working in different countries and the contact details of the EURES advisers. The gateway is available in 25 languages.

Employment gateways

Many German businesses not only register their vacancies with official institutions but also publish them on the Internet. The online job sites have filters so that you can simplify your search for the right vacancy; for instance, you can search by profession or qualification. Two of the largest gateways are and

Company websites

Find out which companies are likely to employ people in your profession in Germany. Many of these businesses will regularly advertise vacant posts on their websites. The relevant headings on websites are usually called ‘Stellenangebote’ or ‘Karriere’.


In Germany, publicly advertised job openings are usually found in local daily papers. Vacancies for management positions, on the other hand, tend to be advertised in national dailies. Many job advertisements feature a box number, which should be included in your cover letter. Local and national papers can be purchased in supermarkets or kiosk stands.

Recruitment fairs

A recruitment fair provides a perfect opportunity to get to know companies and potential colleagues personally, and gain a general impression of the business. Fairs are composed of individual stands at which companies introduce themselves and attract prospective employees. One of the largest recruitment fairs is the Absolventenkongress or graduate job fair in Cologne. Make sure you remember to bring along your application documents when attending.